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    FOR MEAT-EATERS: 4,200 gallons a day

    VEGAN AVERAGE: 300 gallons a day

    • Water droughts are happening all over the planet, where entire communities literally have NO water. 
      • California's devastating water drought is largely due to the fact that factory farming in the state is utilizing 51% of the state's water source to grow the food to feed its livestock -- just so meat eaters can eat meat.



    • Factory farming has increased more than fivefold in the last 30 years
    • The sewage from factory farming emits more methane gas than trains, planes, and automobiles COMBINED
      • Methane is a poisonous gas more potent than carbon dioxide, and largely contributes to global warming.
    • The EPA estimates that livestock from factory farms produce 3 x more excreta than the human population, which goes untreated and has been a devastating polluter to the environment (including air pollution, deforestation and waterway pollution) and source for disease


    From 1999-2009, over 75% new diseases affecting humans originated from animal products

    • Multiple research, including the most comprehensive cancer research, The China Study, link the consumption of animal products to a wide range of diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.


    • Over 3,000 farmed animals (excluding fish & seafood) are killed per second, which estimates to over 56 billion animals per year
    • It is not just the farmed animals being killed in factory farms:  wild animals and their ecosystems are also destroyed to create more land for factory farming
      • The Mexican gray wolf and California grizzly bear have become extinct in their ecosystems largely due to "predator control," a practice used by factory farms to protect their livestock
      • Masses of pronghorn, elk and deer have been slaughtered so their habitats can be transitioned into factory farmland 
      • Habitat-creating beavers and prairie dogs have been killed to create the desired homogenous landscape of factory farms
  • About Solidarite Kitchen

    Founded in 2015, Solidarite Kitchen is a multifaceted business and service located in Las Vegas, Nevada, promoting the plant-based lifestyle that is so critical in these changing and evolving times.

    Solidarite + Kitchen = ???

    Solidarite (the French spelling of the word Solidarity): (noun). unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

    Kitchen: (noun). an area where food is prepared and cooked.


    The Solidarite Kitchen Manifesto

    We Are What We Eat // Watch // Read // Hear // Feel // Think // Do


    Solidarite Kitchen was born from the belief that consumer culture can be dangerously damaging OR curated to be healing and energizing.


    We feature plant-based, healthy alternatives to the mainstream, push-button, empty caloric lifestyle of American eating that has become global. Along with our posts, we inform our readers of historical and current socio-political news that is now becoming necessary for world citizens to be aware of: Awareness is the gift of foresight in a time where humanity is quickly running out of resources due to industrialization, globalization and war. In light of the climate crisis our species and the rest of the Earthlings face, we feel it is our responsibility as human beings to inform and incite our fellow humans into action — let’s stay on this planet a little bit longer, let’s not burden our children with having to clean up our messes, let’s start with knowing what humans are facing worldwide, and let’s also start with what we put on our plates and into our bodies.


    Solidarite means acknowledging the struggles that others’ face, whether they’re other human beings across the globe, or other earthlings in the oceans, forests and deserts, and standing with them.


    The Kitchen is central to every family – the Occupy Wall Street Kitchen at Zucotti Park is what fed and restored activists who came from all over the world to be a part of a movement that went viral across the United States, and acknowledged globally. The Kitchen is where creation happens to sustain a home and a community – it is where breaking bread begins, where vital discussions occur over the dinner table and family and friends bond over common ground.


    Thus, Solidarite Kitchen. Let this place on the inter web be a place where you get ideas to break bread – to feed your body, spirit, and your mind.




    Meet the Owner, Nissa Tzun

    Solidarite Kitchen Owner, High Raw Vegan, Vegan Recipe Developer, Educator, Community Organizer, Family Activist, Media Artist, & Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

    The path to wellness can be long, hard and tedious. Nissa has struggled with her diet for as long as she can remember, not wanting to eat animals after seeing a video of slaughterhouses at the age of 10. But being Chinese American made a plant-based diet quite inaccessible. It wasn't until her adult life, through meeting a few angels and finding the right guidance that she was able to cultivate her love for a plant-based diet! She created Solidarite Kitchen to merge her love for veganism and social justice work, and to share her path with others so that they too can be inspired to be a little more plant-based. Nissa is a trauma-informed yoga instructor, media artist, educator, community organizer, and is currently studying for her Master's in Social Work at UNLV.
  • Solidarite Kitchen Services

    We offer a number of services, including challenges to support detoxification and lifestyle transitions, kitchen makeovers to prepare your kitchen for a healthier lifestyle, workshops to educate communities on how to adopt healthier eating habits, and personal chef services where meals can be tailored to fit your dietary needs. Check the service descriptions below to see what we can offer you!

    Solidarite Kitchen Challenges

    Whether you're an omnivore who wants to become a little more plant-based, a vegetarian whose looking to transition fully into a vegan lifestyle, or a vegan who wants to transition into raw veganism, or just someone who wants to do a cleanse to detoxify the body and gain some clarity, the Solidarite Kitchen Challenge may be just what you need! Enjoy the purifying benefits of these challenges as Nissa walks you through day by day, keeping you accountable and providing daily grocery shopping and recipe advice! Solidarite Kitchen Challenges are offered periodically in groups or you can sign up for a one-on-one with Nissa as your personal coach. Challenges can be 7, 14, 21, 30 days.

    For pricing, please email: solidaritekitchen@gmail.com or call (336) 365-8560 or fill out the contact form.


    The Kitchen Makeover

    Habits can be hard to break! Sometimes we're our own worst enemies when it comes to diet, and when we go to the grocery store hungry, we wind up stashing the not-so-healthy foods in our kitchen. Our kitchen then becomes a place that doesn't support our diet goals, but rather a temptation space where we binge on foods we don't need. Get a Kitchen Makeover from Nissa, and she will come to your home and clean out your fridge and pantry while advising you on what foods to buy in order to match your diet goals.

    For pricing, please email: solidaritekitchen@gmail.com or call (336) 365-8560 or fill out the contact form.

    The Market Field Trip

    You want to change your diet -- but when you get to the store you get overwhelmed!! Take a Market Field Trip with Nissa and she will guide you through the aisles while putting out the temptation fires when your eyes glance too long at the sugary, processed food sections. With her guidance you'll be becoming the best of friends with the produce and bulk foods section in no time!

    For pricing, please email: solidaritekitchen@gmail.com or call (336) 365-8560 or fill out the contact form.

    Solidarite Kitchen Workshops

    Have a group of folks who need some plant-based education? Nissa has been a professional educator for over ten years and teaching folks the importance of becoming more plant-based and how-to is a major passion! Consult with Nissa on how you want to customize YOUR Solidarite Kitchen Workshop and get your family, friends and/or co-workers VEGucated :). Nissa can also do private cooking lessons for folks who learn better one-on-one.

    For pricing, please email: solidaritekitchen@gmail.com or call (336) 365-8560 or fill out the contact form.

    Personal Chef Services

    Need to take a break from cooking dinner or meal prep? Hosting a private party and want to serve your guests the yummiest and healthiest plant-based meals? Maybe you want to schedule a one-on-one cooking session with Nissa? Hire Nissa to be your Personal Chef! Check the menu section to find out what Nissa makes for her clients.

    For pricing, please email: solidaritekitchen@gmail.com or call (336) 365-8560 or fill out the contact form.

  • Solidarite Kitchen Menu

    What we feed our clients!

    raw, vegan & organic meal personal chef menu

    RV – raw vegan

    GF – gluten free

    *All items are organic and vegan*

    raw nachos - corn flaxseed tortilla chips topped with cabbage slaw, guacamole and cashew cheese. GF, RV
    kale chips - dehydrated kale chips dressed in cheesy cashew sauce. GF, RV
    cheesy broccoli - broccoli florets doused in fresh cashew cheese. GF, R
    gazpacho soup - cold soup made from fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions, lime and cilantro. GF, RV
    corn chowder - raw chowder made with corn, cashews, coconut milk, vinegar and salt. GF, RV
    no chicken fingers - dehydrated tenders made from broccoli, celery, cashews and flaxseed. Comes with a featured dipping sauce.

    breakfast burrito - nut and seed turmeric scramble with fresh vegetables wrapped inside a collard green leaf.
    chia pudding - chia seed pudding made with nut milk, garnished with fruit of the day.
    buckwheat porridge - buckwheat groats blended with spices and fruit of the day. GF, RV
    soaked oat groats parfait - soaked oat groats layered with almond/cashew/coconut yogurt, fruit, and spices. GF, RV


    italian kale salad -
    kale dressed in balsamic vinegrette with marinated mushrooms and fresh vegetables. GF, RV
    asian kale salad - kale dressed in a nut butter dressing with fresh veggies and Asian flavors. GF, RV
    blackberry spinach salad - chopped spinach with blackberries, balsamic vinegar and agave. GF, RV


    raw burger -
    fresh veggies, cashew cheese and walnut burger smashed between two delectable corn flax bread slices. GF, RV

    raw pizza - corn flax bread or cauliflower bread topped with tomato sauce, cashew cheese and dressed with fresh, in-season veggies. GF, RV
    marinated portobello steak with mash - marinated portobello mushroom steak with your choice of broccoli or cauliflower mash. GF, RV
    raw burrito - the freshest veggies, garnished with seed and nut cheeses stuffed into a collard green leaf (can be substituted for a flour tortilla). GF, RV
    raw pad thai - zucchini noodles (can be substituted for soba noodles) in a nut butter based sauce with hints of basil and cilantro. GF, RV
    coconut spicy noodles - zucchini noodles (can be substituted for soba noodles) in a spicy coconut milk soup. GF, RV
    avocado smash - seasoned mashed avocado in between two slices of toast.
    mac ‘n cheese - macaroni and cashew cheese with additional veggie flair.
    vegan stews - featured item (kale, lentil, root vegetables) with a variety of cooked and seasoned vegetables.
    vegan bowls - featured item (forbidden rice, quinoa, farro, spaghetti, ramen, soba, chickpeas) with a variety of cooked and seasoned vegetables.
    mixed bean curry - cooked and seasoned mixed beans and veggies in a delicious coconut based curry.
    rainbow buddha bowl - a delectable variety of fresh and fermented fruits and vegetables. GF, RV


    sauerkraut - 8 oz. Crystal-infused fermented cabbage GF, RV
    kimchi - 8 oz. spicy fermented napa cabbage GF, RV
    guacamole - 8 oz. guacamole GF, RV
    cauliflower or broccoli mash - 8 oz. GF, RV - choice of cauliflower or broccoli, seasoned with cilantro, coconut milk, coconut aminos, Himalayan salt, olive oil
    raw cashew cheese - 8 oz. GF, RV - cashew-based nut cheese flavored with bell peppers, garlic and smoked paprika.


    savory sweets
    bliss balls - protein-fiber packed snack balls in a variety of flavors including: spicy chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, almond joy, green tea, and chai.
    raw dark chocolate brownies - cashew flour based brownies.

    fruit cobbler - fruit in season (think blueberries, mangos, apples) mixed with a most delectable crust made out of pecans, spices and dates.

  • Recipes

    These recipes are easy to follow and taste-tested!

    Remember to use non-GMO and organic ingredients as much as possible.

    Fig Cobbler with Almond Yogurt (Raw Vegan) Ingredients: hemp seeds, cashews, flaxseed meal, dates, coconut sugar, cinnamon, figs, Almond Yogurt (I use Kite Hill Foods unsweetened almond yogurt ), Himalayan salt Cobbler filling (crust): take about 5-7 pitted dates and blend in your food...
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  • Testimonials

    What Solidarite Kitchen Clients Are Saying...

    Lori S.

    EVERYTHING IS FANTASTIC! We ALL liked the cobbler the best..But truly EVERYTHING was really great.

    Lena K.

    Thanks for the food! Yummy!!!! I made some rice to eat with the raw dish -- the sauce was just so good I wanted to soak it all up!

    Eleny R.

    All great so far..ate the pizza, avocado smash, no-chicken fingers..kale stew and tasted the rest! Loved them all!

    Cathy N.

    I have really been enjoying everything you prepared. The vegan ramen and the nachos were heavenly. Everything tastes extremely fresh. I would eat those nachos everyday!


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