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Mixed Bean Hummus (Cooked, Gluten Free, Soy Free)

What to do with all these beans? I’ve never been a huge fan of beans…..But being that I’m transitioning to a plant-based diet, I figured recently that I should probably embrace beans.

Beans are actually incredibly healthy for you. They have a lot of health benefits simply because they’re complex carbohydrates so they’re able to provide a long-lasting source of energy. They’re also starchy and filling, so you get full faster. They play a role in preventing a number of diseases including heart disease and cancer and can lower your cholesteral and assist in managing diabetes. The downfall is flatulence (because they’re so high in fiber) and allergic reactions. :\ I read that if you want to try and reduce farting, change the water several times when soaking…I didn’t do that today (oops) but I will next time!

I had a huge freelance job all weekend that I spent about 30 hours on where I kept Netflix rolling on all the food documentaries available. I watched (Or more like, listened to because my freelance requires my eyes) the entire TED Talk food series — which was incredibly interesting (I particularly enjoyed Dan Barber’s talks on sustainable fish farms) and informative. I also watched Fed Up, Food Matters, the supplementary videos to Forks Over Knives (one was an extended interview version of folks involved in The China Study) and the inspiring Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentaries. Anyway, the point I’m bringing this up is because I learned, in particularly the Forks Over Knives series, that being on a plant-based diet is not enough — I also need to reduce the amount of fats that I’m intaking. At this point I am used to using olive oil and coconut oil on a regular basis — I use them for my salads, desserts…sauces..even my bliss balls. You get it — oil’s an integral part of my diet.

That said, the hummus I usually buy has oil in it.

So I decided to start today to try and reduce the oils in my foods, starting with this mixed bean hummus. It turned out really nice, creamy, tasty, and with a nice texture — no oil needed :). I also added Miso Paste to it, so it has the added bonus of probiotics! And then, with the remainder of the beans, I made a really delicious Mixed Bean Curry which I’ll feature later. I really needed some kitchen therapy today after so much time spent on the freelance.

Oh, one more random thing before I share the Mixed Bean Hummus Recipe — Listening to Anne Cooper’s Ted talk on “What’s Wrong with School Lunches,” made me want to start a food revolution and illustrate a healthy foods curriculum for kids. I started posting “Plant-Based 101” on IG, so follow me.

Eat Well Ya’ll,

Nissa, Solidarite Kitchen.


Mixed Bean Hummus


1/2 cup soaked & boiled mixed beans

1/4 cup soaked cashews

1/3 cup coconut milk

1/4 jalapeno (optional — I like my foods spiced up)

2 teaspoons organic miso paste *I am soy free so I use chickpea miso)

1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder

2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar

4 sprigs of cilantro

Procedure: Blend all the ingredients together thoroughly, and enjoy!

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